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Angular 9 compiler

15 minute read

Why does Angular have a compiler at all? Main job of the compiler is to turn the template you write into the code that runs the Angular runtime. Alex Rickabaugh - Angular Connect 2019

Angular 8 Bootstrap in deep

23 minute read

The Angular bootstrap sequence starts after the load of the index.html and the JavaScript bundles produced by Webpack. Angular Runtime creates the platform where the application can be started and finally the root component is rendered.

Angular Ivy: a detailed introduction

15 minute read

Angular Ivy is the new rendering architecture that comes, by default, with version Angular 9. The Angular rendering architecture is not new to a completely revamp, Angular 2.0, Angular 4.0 and now Angular 9.0 have introduced new compilers and runtime engines.

Angular 6 Elements

10 minute read

Angular Elements library provides a method to extend the HTML tag library writing components that can be used with any framework. The new components can be used everywhere without any Angular knowledge and regardless the technology used to implement a web site:

Polyfill vs. Shim

3 minute read

With the new ES6 specification, people talk more and more about polyfill and shim, sometimes as the term are interchangeable but, are they the same thing?